Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Thought Bubble

Thought Bubble happened last weekend. For me, in my role as Stall Monkey, it started at 7am with a trip to OK Comics to pick up stock. 7am is a disgusting time of day. If you've not seen it before, I don't recommend it.

Three hours, several miles of wear on my cons and 60 boxes of stock later and we actually saw some customers.

I'd love to tell you that the panels were amazing, but I didn't see a single one of them. What I can tell you is that from the point of view of someone running around like a maniace behind a stall, it was a massive success. The footfall was massive - an improvement over the last two years, which is no mean feat. People were spending money. We like that. And this guy here was dressed as Iron Man. That was pretty good.

The pros were all a credit to the industry. Mike Carey is, I discovered, The Nicest Man in Comics - he loves Cable more than you know. Axel Alonso should put him on X-Force after Craig Kyle and Chris Yost are done with it so he can put Cable and Domino on the team and appease our guilty inner fanboys. Jamie McKelvie dissed my cons at the bar (while somehow managing to be really nice - which makes it worse) - and not even because they were made by sweatshop children in India. I'll forgive him though, because he draws cute indie girls like no-one else in the world.

The best bit, however, was getting to see some of the small press offerings. Paper Science made its debut, showing off the likes of Katie West, Liz Lunney and Matt Jones. Marc Ellerby's Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter got a second issue, which is excellent news. I would have bought an awesome Flash T-shirt from Northern Delight, but all the other large and extra large nerds got there first. I also discovered the assorted goodies of Kristyna Baczynski (conveniantly right behind the OK tables - which we had 16m of), which you can see some of here.

And Richard Greg, who I think I can safely say makes my Top Ten Most OK (Comics) Customers list, was all there, looking like this:

That photo's from Matthew Kitchen. He's got loads more.

And it got me a full page feature in The Leed Guide (which is now out of date, on account of it being a preview).

So, yeah, it was good.


  1. Thankingtons for the kind words and linking delights.
    You are too kind.
    I was a delight to be sharing backspace with OK... Sorry about the headbutt.

  2. Pleasure! I like my new stuff.

    Believe me, that headbutt could have been a LOT worse for you.

    Did you find any interesting new stuff? (Did you even leave your stall all day? You looked pretty busy...)