Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Doodle-Booze is Happening Next Monday

Doodle-Booze is on again again next Monday. If that leaves you doing a bit of head-scratching, OK Comics describes it thusly:

"Doodle-Booze is the new name for Drink & Draw, the semi regular social event hosted at Nation of Shopkeeper, in Leeds City Centre. Doodle-Booze is an informal social event where like minded comic fans and artists can meet, exchange ideas, drink and draw. Everyone (over 18) is welcome no matter what your artistic ability. No invite or appointment is required, just show up."

OK Comics bothers to describe it because it's OK Comics' baby. For some reason Jared (the OK Overlord) decided to use a picture of my mug, alongside the back of storyboard artist Steve Beaumont's head, to illustrate the event on the OK Facebook page. My mug aside, it's usually a good do. It'll kick off around 7pm. I'll be back with beer-marked pictures next week...

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