Wednesday, 10 April 2013

First Guardian Piece: Running and Nerds

I'm pretty pleased to say that my first piece for The Guardian is now live and doing the social media rounds. It comes complete with an interesting choice of picture that I can't decide whether I'd like to claim credit for. But I can't, so hey-ho. Here's a slice from the middle:
There are a couple of ways you can slice this seemingly odd collision of running and nerd culture. One is that if two million or so people in the UK run, then presumably some of them are going to be a bit nerdy. I don't have hard statistical evidence with which to carve up the demographics, but if something is popular, then there's no reason it can't be popular with the geekier cross-sections of our society. But I've heard that football is pretty popular too, and experience tells me that the number of regular, active footballers in my geekier circles is comparatively minuscule.
The rest is, of course, through the link.