Monday, 18 July 2011

Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield, Misses: Game Review

My review of Captain America: Super Soldier is alive and pouring mild scorn into the world from SPOnG. Here, have the first few words:

"The most interesting thing about my Captain America: Super Soldier 'experience' was discovering that I'm a little bit attracted to Madame Hydra, despite the fact that she's a German dominatrix with Nazi sympathies and green hair. I won't lie to you, that's a bit of a shame.

"I often feel funny about enjoying the adventures of a man who dresses (unashamedly and unironically) in an American flag. Yet, Captain America can be pretty cool. Generally speaking, he's at his best when he's criss-crossing the globe in superhero espionage stories, inspiring awe with his unflappable ability to hold steady and generally doing things such as riding fighter jets like many of us would a skateboard and jumping out of planes while telling those around him that 'parachutes are for girls'.

"Fortunately for all the uncomfortable Englishmen out there, developer Next Level doesn't bring any of those qualities to bear in Captain America: The Game of the Film of the Comic..."

More through here.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

First Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster is Cataclysmic

This is the first teaser poster for Dark Knight Rises. Anybody remember Cataclysm? Or maybe Gotham architects aren't up to much and it's just the batmobile driving by.

(Courtesy of Empire.)