Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Dan Clowes' Awesome TCAF Poster

This is Daniel Clowes' rather excellent poster for the 2010 Toronto Comic Arts Festival. (You can tell that's what it is, because it says so on the bottom). TCAF is a bit prone to awesome posters. Remember Bryan Lee O'Malley's offering from last year?

The TCAF 2010 line-up is here.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Dark Void: The Rocketeer Meets Fox Mulder

My Dark Void review has gone up on SPOnG.

It starts like this: "Now that I can get my phone to tell me where my car is and buy sex toys built to be exact replicas of the vaginas and anuses of famous porn stars, the future must surely have started." Then I actually wrote about the game, and how it's quite good fun but just not quite... well, good enough.

Also (and I have literally no idea why I haven't posted about this before) I've got recent comics reviews up there for Mass Effect: Redemption #1 and Army of Two #1, what them being games-based.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The A-Team Movie Trailer Dribbled Free

The A-Team movie trailer leaked, so it did...

Alternatively, there's a better resolution (really slow loading) version here.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Thought Bubble 2010 Gets a Date

Next year's Thought Bubble has a date, which is not a weird way of saying the Leeds Comic-Con is getting abstractly romantic so much as it is a way of saying we know when it's happening now. The Con's official Twitter stream tells us that it will be happening from 18th - 21st November.

Last year's con - or 'Sequential Art Festival', if you prefer its (yes, slightly woofy) self-ascribed moniker - was excellent. The calibre of the guests was impressive as ever (Frank Quitely and Ben Templesmith were among the attendees) but the highlight for many (I might just mean 'me') was the quality of the small press work on display. More details on TB2009 here.

And yes, I had to re-use my awesome Iron Man pic taken at the main event on Saturday.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Leeds Crows Love Dixie Chicken

"The Leeds crows love Dixie Chicken. They can be found in the wicked grey dawn, pecking through cheap carrier bags to pick at the bones of leftover Original Recipe peices. At night they perch atop the Grand Theatre, watching drunken girls stumbling in their heels with Sizzler burgers, peering through their beady black eyes, occasionally braving a swoop to scare chilli sauce drenched chips from the gitls' orange fingers. (Chilli sauce with chicken is a stroke of genius only Dixie understands). The crows eye the punters of neighbouring Chicken Cottage with suspicion, because while the queues are shorter the chicken is inferior (though it will do at a push). Leeds crows will fight you hard for Dixie Chicken."

From a book I'm thinking about turning random notes into.