Friday, 27 November 2009

If Chris Ware Did Graffiti... probably wouldn't look like this. But when you put ALL of Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan on a wall, these pictures are what you get.

Daniel Maw, the chap behind this display (and a graduate art student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville), told Fantagraphics, "Recently, I worked with some of my fellow graduate colleagues (we range in age from 23 to 31) to curate a show highlighting contemporary print media in all its facets. I recommended we show the work of Chris Ware, including Jimmy Corrigan. In order to showcase the epic nature of this comic we elected to purchase two copies, cut the bindings off each, collate the pages, and display all [390] pages in a grid on a 23 x 10 foot wall. It is quite impressive to take it all in at once as it demonstrates the tremendous amount of talent and work that went in to the creation of the book."

Gallery details here. Loads more pictures on Daniel Maw's page here.

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