Friday, 12 March 2010

Still Alive: Comics Podcast Recommendations

So, yes, it's been a while. But I still live! I've been up to my elbows in work and whatnot, as well as getting up to my shins in a separate project I'm mulling over. I've also been rooting around some blogs about writing, so (since the aforementioned project involves a bit/lot of that) you might see a bit of such blogging turning up here.

And I've been digging up decent comics podcasts to listen to. I hate 'dead time' - time walking places, in the car, time with not a lot to occupy my brain. Rather than stewing in my own thoughts and listening to music recently, I've been pulling up podcasts. Here's what I've got so far:

Word Balloon, hosted by John Siuntres - my favourite. Mostly consists of some really in-depth conversations with big-name creators. If you're into a writer or artist John has on, this is well worth a listen. I've also enjoyed some of the more analytical episodes, featuring the likes of Newsarama's Vaneta Rogers, which explore the bigger picture.

Around Comics - sadly nearing its final episode. I'm easily turned off by 'conversation shows' which feature roundtable discussions from enthusiasts. I'm dubious about what they're bringing to the table that I couldn't get in a conversation at OK Comics, but I was led to it by the aforementioned John Siuntres and discovered some interesting chat from well-informed panelists (is that even the right word?).

War Rocket Ajax. When the guests are good, the show is. Really enjoyed the Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim) and Cherie Priest (Boneshaker) episodes. It is, however, a bit long.

Awesomed by Comics from husband and wife team Aaron and Evie. Literally just started listening to this one. They're both journalists. They're both weird in a non-scary way. They're both kinda funny.

Geek's Guide to the Galaxy
. This is the most intensely nerdy podcast I've come across yet, which is quite awesome. Covers a range of geeky topics, not just comics.

SPOnGcast. It's not about comics, it's about games. But I could hardly do a post about podcasts and not mention the one I'm in, could I? The beardy man (Tim, SPOnG editor) would do something foul.

So, that's that. I would really like to hear some suggestions for other good shows I'm missing. Let me know in the comments! Or, y'know, by any other means you fancy... (Carrier budgie!)

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